New Build Yachts

MAT YACHTS - McConaghyBoats - X-Treme Yachts - Oceantec - NMD proudly represents MAT, McConaghy Boats and G-Force Yachts in Europe. Visit any of the new build yachts on display below for more information & pictures.

M.A.T. Yachts

Manufacturer of performance sailing yachts, M.A.T. was established in year 1993, in Izmir, Turkey.

MAT works with top designer Mark Mills. This is what Mills comments about the new 1180:
 “MAT have been a superb builder of our designs, bringing their own talent for design and construction to each one.  I have been impressed at every stage of this project how committed and focused the whole team has been to make this a breakthrough boat for MAT.”